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Your kids will smile when they open their lunch box to find this adorable edible paper, pencil and eraser.

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The best bento boxes for packing a lunch for students and adults alike, according to the owner of a Japanese home-goods store.Related: The Best Food Storage Containers for Packing Lunch If you plan to pack wet foods, like watermelon or hummus, pick a bento that has individual lids for the compartments, such as the bentos from Bentology.

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The most important thing about making a bento is to make it with love and have lots of fun.

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Get creative with lunch using these healthy Bento Box Ideas for Kids.Basically, a bento box contains rice, meat or fish, and pickled or cooked vegetables.This is a great way to encourage your kids to eat super healthy.

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Back to School is here and so are these awesome Bento Box Ideas for Kids — Grab your supplies and get packing.

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Apple sauce with a grape big spider (body is one half of a large black grape, the other cut into legs).

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The BPA-free plastic bento box has five compartments and can safely be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

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They were so excited on the days when I photographed the lunchboxes for this post, since they got to eat the lunches when I was done.

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Compact, lightweight, divided removable tray, leakproof, kid-friendly. BPA-free.

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A bento is a home packed meal type serving one single portion of food.We chose the PlanetBox Rover because it had the most compartments in addition to a small and larger separate container.

Bento Lunchboxes For Kids 16 Bento Boxes For Back to School That Will Make Packing Lunch So Much Easier.

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Lunch box composed of two grids, a grid is for rice, the other grid is for dishes, can also be used as a sushi lunch box.If your kids are picky about foods, I recommend letting them try new things in their lunchbox at home before sending those foods to school.Black and white Panda Bear series, this is a soft cloth bento bag and insulated bottle cover, great for one cute bento box and a little something (see size detail for more information).My girls have had so much fun helping me make bento boxes for lunch every day this week.

Yumbox. Available in two versions, Yumbox is a kid-friendly, bento-style lunch container designed for kids and adults.August 14, 2017 by Alessia Santoro. 661 Shares View On One Page ADVERTISEMENT () Start.These themed lunches contain easy recipes like tuna and egg salad, chicken and bean dip, and sandwiches, that are all dressed up with cookie-cutter veggies and easy fruit kababs.

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Enjoy these creative bento lunch box ideas and make a beautiful bento box lunch for your kids.

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My mom always made sure to introduce new, healthy foods to my sister and me when we were little, which is how we learned that strange-looking foods like starfruit, pomegranates, and artichokes are delicious.Plus, this year I swapped out two lunch boxes that have been in the chart for awhile in favor of two different boxes.

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